April 1st, 2009

Anachrophobia, EDAathon

EDA ficathon sign up post!

(I'm opening these just a teensy bit earlier than I planned, because I'm going to be largely offline for a little while. I should be around enough to answer any burning questions, but possibly not in a mega-timely fashion. If anyone wants to plug it while I'm away, I would love you forever.)

Sign ups are now closed

Welcome to the 2009 henriettastreet EDA ficathon!


Sign ups close: April 20th April 22nd
Assignments out: by April 27th
Fics due: June 15th

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Some people have expressed a desire to do something art-related, but I have utterly failed at thinking up a cunning way to integrate it. If the ficathon inspires you even tangentially then that's great and you should totally go for it. More EDA-ish art would be awesomesauce.

I can be contacted at ionlylurkhere@gmail.com if needed.

Signups are now closed.