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Welcome to the EDA ficathon! (signup post)

Signups have now closed.

Welcome to the signup post for the EDA ficathon. This is a ficathon for anything and everything to do with the books published by the BBC featuring the Eighth Doctor and his companions Sam, Fitz, Compassion, Anji and Trix. Signups will run for two weeks to Friday 21st March; fics will be due on Monday 5th May.

The Rules

  • Fics (and thus prompts!) should be centred around the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novels in some way. Crossovers with other parts of Who canon are fine, as long as some element of the EDAs is heavily involved. Fics can be gen, het, slash or femslash.
  • The ficathon will work on the three prompts, one fic model. When you sign up, you give three prompts, one of which your assigned author will choose and write. When you get your assignment, you choose one of the prompts from your recipient and write it.
  • Please don't make all three of your prompts insanely specific stuff that depends entirely on one particular book, or it'll be impossible to match everyone up.
  • Please make sure your fic is of the highest possible quality of spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. The easiest way to do this is to get a beta to look it over for you. Please don't just rely on the Word autocheckers.
  • Minimum word count for fics is 750 words.
  • On the due date (5th May) a masterlist post will be created here on henriettastreet. Post your fic wherever you like -- your LJ, Teaspoon, this or another comm, whatever -- then comment on that post with a link.
  • If you do have to drop out for any reason, please give as much notice as possible so a pinch hitter can be found.
  • Enjoy yourself!


Friday 21st March: signups close
Friday 28th March: assignments sent out (hopefully sooner, though)
Monday 5th May: all fics due


Please sign up in a comment on this post with the following information:

  1. LJ Name/Pseudonym
  2. Email address
  3. Prompt One
  4. Prompt Two
  5. Prompt Three
  6. Anything you don't want to read in your story
  7. Anything you don't want to/can't write
  8. Can you pinch hit?

Remember: three prompts, one fic. Please use sections 6 and 7 for any information you want to give about ratings, types of fic, or canon familiarity.

Thanks to all participants! If you have any questions or comments you can either comment on this post or email

Signups have now closed.

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